DC Resistance Meters


HIOKI RM3548 Resistance Meters

• 0.02 % basic accuracy, 0.1 μΩ max. resolution, 1A max. testing current
• Measure from 0.0 μΩ (testing current 1 A) to 3.5 MΩ
• Easily record up to 1,000 data points in memory simply by applying the instrument’s probes

HIOKI RM3545 Resistance Meter

• 0.006% basic accuracy, 0.01 μΩ max. resolution, 1A max. testing current
• Measure from 0.00 μΩ (testing current 1 A) to 1200 MΩ
• Multiplexer Unit Z3003 (option) provides 20-channels of 4-terminal measurements for a complete assessment of multi-point signals (RM3545-02 only)

HIOKI RM3544 Resistance Meter

• 0.02 % basic accuracy, 1 μΩ max. resolution, 300 mA max. measurable current
• Measure from 0.000 mΩ (testing current 300 mA) to 3.5 MΩ
• Probe for guard jack use and increased measurement current yield an instrument that’s more resistant to noise

HIOKI RM3543 Resistance Meter

• Advanced enough to measure 0.1 mΩ shunts with room to spare at ±0.16% accuracy & 0.01μΩ resolution performance
• Superb repeatable measurement accuracy
• Advanced contact-check, comparator, and data export functions
• Intuitive user interface and strong noise immunity are ideal for automated systems

HIOKI RM3542A Resistance Meter

• Applied voltage limit function lets you switch the detection voltage to 5 V or less
• Contact improvement function suppresses rush current to aid in probing of super-small components
• Extensive selection of measurement ranges ensures the right detection voltage and delivers stable measurement
• Scaling function corrects for mounting state and test stage differences

HIOKI RM3542 Resistance Meter

• High speed and accuracy maximize productivity in automated systems
• Multiple checking functions ensure proper contact for reliable measurements
• Low-power resistance mode measures chip inductors and EMC suppression components
• Supports sample inspections during the manufacturing process