Data Acquisitions, Digital Oscilloscopes, Recorders


HIOKI U8991 Digital Voltmeter Unit

• DVM unit dedicated to 4-channel DCV measurement, 108 channels simultaneous sampling in combination with MR8740T
• High-precision measurement of fine voltage fluctuation investigation etc. of sensor output
• High accuracy of ±0.02 % and super-high 1.2 million-count resolution

HIOKI MR8880-20 Memory Recorder

MR8880-20 4ch, printer unit option, English model

HIOKI MR8875 Memory Recorder with CAN Bus Input

• 1000V input and instantaneous DC or RMS waveform measurement with new Analog Unit MR8905
• Multi-channel logger capable of thermocouple temperature measurement up to 60 ch at 10 msec intervals
• Measure multiple channels simultaneously despite handheld portable design

HIOKI MR8470T Data Acquisition System

• Ideal for multipoint inspection of high performance boards such as ECU
• 108ch analog to 96ch analog + 48ch logic input
• Reduce time required to save to external media to max.1/100 compared with conventional method

HIOKI MR8847A Memory Recorder

• Supports a wide variety of measurements with a total of 13 plug-in modules
• Generate and record with a single unit
• Direct 1000 V high voltage input testing

HIOKI MR8741/MR8741+ MR8990 DMM-Station

• Use the new DVM Unit MR8990 to measure DC voltages on 2 channels (for use with the Memory HiCorder MR8741/8740 only)
• High-precision measurement for applications such as investigating minute voltage fluctuations in sensor output
• The MR8741 (MR8740) can save data from 16 (54) Digital Voltmeter Units at once. (DCV measurement only)

HIOKI MR8870-20 Memory Recorder

• Mode for recording instantaneous waveform and RMS fluctuations
• Save values in real time to a CF card
• Record four channels at once by synchronizing two instruments with the bundled PC application

HIOKI MR6000 Memory Recorder

MR6000 Main unit only, input modules up to 8 units
MR6000-01 Built-in real-time waveform calculation and other functionality

HIOKI MR8827 Memory Recorder

• Generate and record waveforms with a single unit
• Output previously recorded problematic waveforms and apply to devices under test to simulate potential issues
• 32 analog + 32 logic channels to 28 analog + 64 logic channels