Temperature & Humidity


Delta Ohm HD2301.0 Handheld Thermo-Hygrometer

The HD2301.0 is a portable thermo hygrometer with a LCD display.

Delta Ohm HD2101 Thermo hygrometer

HD2101.1 and HD2101.2 are portable instruments with LCD display. They measure relative humidity and temperature with combined probes.

Delta Ohm HD2128 2 inputs Thermocouple thermometer

Thermocouple thermometer for probes type K, J, T, R, N, S, B, E, two inputs. Storage of maximum, minimum, average value and the difference between the two inputs. RS232C output for data transfer in real time to a PC or printer.

Delta Ohm HD2127 2 inputs Centesimal Thermometer Pt100

HD2127.1 and HD2127.2 are instruments ­fitted with two inputs.

Delta Ohm HD2107 Centesimal Thermometer Pt100

HD2107.1 and HD2107.2 are portable instruments equipped with large LCD display fi­tted with one input.